An educational experiment is born…

It’s alive I tell you, alive!

Ok, so it is just another freshly birthed blog from wordpress. Still for me it will be a handy tool. Please let me introduce myself to the big empty world. I’m Prof. Stephanie Hurst, a lecturer in inorganic chemistry at Northern Arizona University in, well… Northern Arizona.

The point of this blog will be to serve as a testing ground for my new approach to teaching a graduate level inorganic chemistry course. This year I will be leading the graduate level inorganic chemistry course (CHM650) and we will be taking a “classic papers” approach. This means we will be looking at papers that define or gave birth to a particualr area of chemistry, will rlevance to inorganic chemistry.

Students can submit their questions about the paper in the comments section of the blog page, and the person leading the discussion (sometimes me, sometimes a student) can respond. Before the semester begins I will post an example.


3 Responses to “An educational experiment is born…”

  1. profhurst Says:

    So is this where I leave comments and questions?

  2. profhurst Says:

    #1) Why yes it is, you should include your name or an alias so I know who id doing the questioning and replying though. 🙂

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